Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Itinery and contact details and what I'm doing here

I'm flying to Anchorage, Alaska, tomorrow Wed 19th April. Going shopping for warm stuff there, then flying to Barrow on Friday 21st.

I'll be in and around Barrow until about the 8th May when I'll go back to Anchorage and spend a few days there before flying to Edmunton on 10th. That's the start of the second, Canadian, part of my trip.

I'm planning to fly from Edmunton to Inuvik and from there hoping to get to Resolute Bay, Banks Island or Ellesmere Island. But we'll see how it goes!

I'll probably fly back from Edmunton on 31st May.

I'll be able to check for texts on my UK mobile while in the major cities. I plan to get local numbers but if I do they will also only work in major cities. I've a satphone 00 88163 1452940 for emergencies but it won't be on most of the time and is horrifically expensive to call.
Please email me!

Lulu says I should write what I'm doing here. So here goes. I've come on a fantastic travel grant you can apply for if you work where I do. The aim is to help people develop so they are better at work when they get back. You get up to two months paid off and a budget for your proposal.

My idea (and my Mum's!) was to come here and try and gather material to understand how changes of the magnitude created by climate change are affecting the psychological, social, cultural, business, legal and physical, i.e. both natural and man made, environment.

I am confused about the way climate change is being presented. The science seems to have become a matter of political partisanship rather than fact. I also think it's counterproductive to vilify big business. I think they are just a reaction to opportunities that are opening up and to consumer demand. I think it destroys the detail of the story and damages the debate.

I want to be a giant eye. I've got my DV camera and minidisc, and I want to record everything that people are saying and hopefully some of what they are feeling. When I get back I want to try to do do a big multimedia exhibition so even if people can't come and see for themselves they can imagine they have been transplanted and put in the middle of a community here, like they are eavesdropping on the conversation going on.

The travel grant thing is great because you don't have to do any work while you're here. I hope that means I can let things evolve. So all I know at the moment is that I want to talk to as many people as possible including subsistence hunters including the whalers who are very close to the changes in weather, artists who sculpt in stone while the permafrost is melting under their feet, businesses, engineers, scientists, lawyers, anyone who happens to sit next to me on the bus...

I am feeling pretty daunted though and I don't even know if my equipment will work so if you can stay in touch that will help.


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