Thursday, April 20, 2006

Polar Bear sighted 2 metres away

Look how close I got! Then I punched it on the nose and it ran away.

I am in a really nice hotel in Anchorage which Julian O'H v kindly recommended 2 mins before I got on the plane. You make your own waffles for breakfast. There are loads of people in t-shirts even though my nose hurts from the cold and I can see my breath. Yikes. Will have to get harder. Think that means eating more waffles. They have the same type of green tea that I have when I'm at Big Verns at St Ouens beach in Jersey with Maya the skateboarding fairy! There are fabulous snowy moutains all around Anchorage. Which is called that because glacial silt in the harbour meant ships had to anchor in deep water. That is the only interesting/historical fact you are going to find on this blog. It gets dark at about 10pm. And I am something like 10 hours behind UK. At the moment am feeling like I am taking my equipment on holiday. I've had to get it special bags and a hairdryer to keep it warm and nearly had a heart attack when it went off to the wrong baggage thing and I need another 2 arms to carry it all. Going shopping to get it some re-useable hand warmers and hopefully a solar powered charger today. My novelty accent is going down well. Got called a beautiful brit by the bus driver and didn't have to pay! Hope that works on the planes too...


Blogger slummy mummy said...

tee hee. less of the green tea, more 'bad ass coffee'!! lovely to hear of your adventure x x

9:22 AM  
Blogger Ice Fairy said...

Ok! And I think whale is coming up soon... yikes.. xxx

3:20 PM  

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