Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cracks in the ice

We went 9.5 miles out today to check for leads and cracks. This is where it could break off when the wind changes I think. It's also probably where my minidisc recorder has gone. Oooops.

Arctic fox trail... its tracks were following polar bear tracks because it scavenges off the food the polar bear catches.

Van thinks this might be water sky - see the dark line? i.e. where the lead of water opening up is reflected in the sky. But it's a bit difficult to tell at the moment. Billy seems to think we'll probably go out tomorrow though.

Snow machine maintenance. We saw an ugruuk - think that's how you spell it - a bearded seal. It caused lots of interest because its skin is used to make boats. But it slipped off into the water.

Polar bear protection.

View from the snowmachine. I have worked out how to sit on it so you don't nearly fall off all the time and your arms stay in their sockets. Phew.


Blogger Nenya said...

Thanks for all the pictures,so far.
They are so amazing!
I wish you a wonderful sunny icy day.;)

12:55 PM  
Blogger mark said...

hiya! looks very very exciting! Having a day off in Scotland and thinking of you, lots of love Mark

8:01 PM  
Blogger Tamzin said...

Have just got back from a week in France and updated myself on your adventure. You are doing amazing amazing things (although am a little alarmed that you've lost your mini disc !!! Is that a big problem for you ?) I have a friend here at work who has looked at your stuff and thinks it would make a fantastic doc. She has a friend who will halp you edit and pitch it if you are interested.
Keep warm and safe and don't let anything else fall down ice cracks !!!!!
t xxxxx

9:21 AM  
Blogger Ice Fairy said...

I've got a spare minidisc honey so as long as it doesn't pack up I'll be ok. Am trying to film but it's really hard - camera doesn't like the cold and the priority is being safe rather than letting me take pictures. But THANKYOU to your friend. I'll see what I manage to come back with! xxxx

2:27 AM  
Anonymous richa said...

Ice fairy.. imagine the mini disc being found by someone months later and them listening to your recording...
thoghts of polar bears, fox and melting ice..

3:32 AM  

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