Saturday, April 29, 2006

Whale snow

There is whale snow falling which is big fat flakes and Chico called to say the wind seems to have changed so it's coming from the east. Could all be happening any minute. Eeeeeeeek. Heard all about the little people last night from Julia and her cousin who lives in Point Hope. The little people live in the hills and aren't often seen but have sometimes helped people when they get lost in the snow. They are called Inuqulurorak. They hang around mostly in autumn when it's dark all day and apparently lived in the villages with ordinary people until there was an argument. Also heard about the role of the whaling captain's wife who has a big spiritual connection to the whale. Apparently the whale watches her quite closely and she has to behave really well if the whale is going to give itself to the people i.e. get caught. Someone who has prophetic dreams has dreamt that Kaleak crew are going to get a whale this year. She dreamt they did last year and they did.


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