Thursday, April 27, 2006

The elders

Went to see Roberta's granny Bertha. She is ninety something and says even when she was little the elders said that their ocean would one day be free of ice. I am going to see Warren another elder tomorrow. I am trying to work out a way of sending audio because some of it is funny. If anyone knows about podcasts pls point me in right direction... I think we are getting closer to going out whaling. I'm starting to feel very nervous. I've seen the shopping list and it has oxtail soup in it and I have been warned that I will have to do night shift polar bear watch and do the dishes.


Blogger slummy mummy said...

hello honey, love the parka - it's sooo south hackney! don't worry about the oxtail soup - i used to have it after swimming practice when i was about six and always found it incredibly warming. washing up and night shifts you are used to, but polar bear watch - how fabulous ! thanks for your comments on my blog, it's nice to be in touch x x x

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