Thursday, April 27, 2006

My new wardrobe...

This is Julia, she's the whaling captain's wife. She's wearing her special parka. I am wearing a white parka so the whales won't see me when I'm on the ice. It has fur on the inside. Feels totally surreal.


Blogger elena said...

LOOKS too, especially on you!!!
I finally figured out I dont need to have a blog myself to post a reply, so here I am!!! Doh. Darling, I am mesmerized by your pictures and stories so far, especially the bear's paws that look like chicken feet. A bit disturbing.. I am very confused about the whaling mission though. Have you been or waiting to go? Lots of love and keep warm. xe

6:02 PM  
Anonymous big sis said...

Hello fabulous you, does the wind whistle down that street? Does the food make you dream funny? Sad to see the paws, are the childrens stories full of polar bears...are they wicked? was that an upturned boat??! you're not going whaling in it are you... I think your whale is fantastic..he's probably jealous much love Marionxxx

8:42 PM  
Blogger Ice Fairy said...

bought a whale story book for maya today. but i haven't found any of the old original stories yet. polar bear is called nanuk and is very special/respected. i'm not sure if i'll get to go in the boat or not. apparently there is lots of ceremony and it's solemn when the whale dies and i suppose i might muck it up... xxxxx

8:27 AM  

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