Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ice and bone

I ate seven donuts today. Eli makes them and sells them and they will hopefully make me fat quickly so I can eat less meat. I ate reindeer soup too which was nice although I was told off for not eating enough of it. Am learning lots about ice. Apparently the ice that has come to shore this year is glacial ice. That's very rare and it means a bit has fallen off the glacier. It's good because it's fresh water and you can drink it when you're out there but it's also dangerous because it can shatter quickly and it's very tough to cut through when you make a trail to the edge. Perry gave me a piece of whalebone so I tried to make a bowheaded whale using the machines they've got at the heritage centre. They have sandpaper on and it smells like the dentists.

Mine is on the left. The one on the right is my New Zealand whale which I carry around. I was quite pleased with mine but Van who is in charge of Kaleak crew said it looked like a salmon and got on with tying floats on the harpoons. These are some polar bear paws that were outside the heritage centre. Apparently someone called Carl killed it. I still haven't met him but the trail is getting warmer...


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