Monday, April 24, 2006

Found some whalers and my glove!

I've found a whaling crew that will take me out! Went to the Heritage Centre and there was someone mending a sled so I just asked them and they said yes. I'm going to start helping them tomorrow and will stay with them and eat traditional food. Eeeek. Until now have been eating mostly cheese and almonds. The guy in charge of the crew said I mustn't get in the way but with a wink and that they would look out for me. At the moment there is still no water sky. There are small leads appearing but not one big enough for whales yet. Everyone is edgy. It's really sunny. There are several crews breaking a trail through the ice rubble. Apparently last night one of them had to shoot a polar bear because it kept coming even when they shot over its head. The arctic fox peed on my glove that I dropped near their den. A scientist found it for me this morning. Think I will try and go and put my camera there and switch it on and see if they come and play with it. But I'll wrap it in a plastic bag!


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