Saturday, May 06, 2006

Podcasting! Audio diary 1

OK I've had a go at working out what a podcast is so you can hear stuff. First of all I meet Julia and try on an eskimo parka with a furry hood. We are watching Titanic tonight. And Billy has brought over a copy of 'Track of the giant snow bear'. It was made in a village near here. Can't wait.

The podcast should work now. To hear the first audio diary you can click on the link below and to subscribe to the podcast click on the link on the right hand side of the page which says 'Subscribe to audio diary ICE'. Either of these means I don't clog up your inbox with big sound files. I'll send another audio diary soon.

  • Sound of the Ice Melting Audio 1

    Blogger Artist Laurel said...

    sounds good... i sent you an email with some code changes, Phil (Major oops!)

    11:35 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Ice,
    On our class climate change display we have pictures of you under the sign post and wearing the white parka, the whaling shopping list, cracks in the ice and the whaling boat being pushed out. They are finding it hard to empathise with people who hunt whales and shoot polar bears, however. Melting ice sheets and guzzling fossil fuels are much harder to link as cause and consequence than gun and polar bear feet (didn't show them that picture!)
    We are really enjoying the blog though. On Monday I may ask them to think of a question for you and we will send the best.

    9:08 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I found this blog and read the posting by katie... Sadly, each year in one Canadian province alone, BC, almost 17,000 animals are killed by collisions with vehicles.
    'google' animals killed by vehicles
    let the grade schoolers know that cars kill more, and those animals do not sustain life… let them empathise with each other when they go to the drive-through, in an air conditioned SUV at the fast food store to get chicken nuggets…

    8:00 PM  
    Anonymous Katie said...

    Thanks for feedback Ice fairy and Anon. That's a good point about roadkill- very direct link! The class can make very generalised statements about cars, industry, pollution, climate change etc but do not necessarily see themselves as perpetrators- both of positive and negative actions. They are passionate but haven't directed this energy yet...
    I'll pass on your feedback and Ice fairy, I'll get your email from your folks.
    Thanks, Katie

    9:18 PM  
    Blogger Ice Fairy said...

    I can see it would be hard for them to empathise. I will write more about how difficult it is to survive here if you like so they can imagine what it's like living in this environment. The supermarkets are incredibly expensive cos everything flown in. Whale and other animals have always been the main food source. Seems to me survival of traditional culture and animal life are intertwined. Will talk more about it by email if you like xxx

    12:52 AM  
    Blogger slummy mummy said...

    hi sweetie, i'm so impressed by your podcasting ! seems like the possibilities of what to record / focus on are endless - it is all fascinating for an outsider. x x x

    6:27 PM  
    Blogger Tamzin said...

    Hi honey,
    Am listening to your podcast as I write this. It's fascinating, well done on mastering the technology!! Going out on the ice looks pretty scary. Make sure you keep listening to what you're told ! I hope things are going well. It sounds like the whalers really trust you if they are taking you out on the ice as an outsider.
    Speak soon.
    Tamzin xxx

    12:04 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    6:58 PM  

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