Saturday, May 20, 2006

Whale pictures

We came in again. The ice was coming in pretty fast. But not before we saw loads more WHALES!! This is how close the beluga were. Some of them came from under the ice we were sitting on and I could see their shapes in the water like ghosts.

We saw some bowheads really close too. My crew haven't caught one yet although other crews have. The quota is 22 whales landed or struck and lost. We will hopefully get to go out once more if the current changes in time. I ate a pork chop sandwhich and a hot dog. It was scarey but the chef was Leith who is three times bigger than me and very very funny but can look quite scarey too when he wants. They couldn't believe I'd never eaten a hot dog before and not eaten a pork chop for 25 years.

I've never seen proper teamwork in action before. It is amazing. Feel like I am growing up just watching them. If someone makes a mistake or something breaks or the weather's wrong no-one gets angry. They just get on with fixing it and are always laughing. Everyone looks out for everyone else, works really hard and there's no ego stuff going on. It's so cool. And when I get things wrong no-one gets impatient - they just explain it - even if they're in a rush. All the different whaling crews are constantly on the radio talking about where the whales are and what the weather's doing. I helped saw the boat sled which broke. They said they were really glad I was there and they would miss me when I went and I am tough (ha ha HA totally unbelievable coming from them). I felt SO happy.

This is a sod house about 6 miles from Barrow. Where people still lived in the '60s. They only had seal oil for heating/lamps. The tundra grows over the top and keeps you warm(ish). Apparently one of the people here had a pet polar bear that used to pull sleds but they let it go because it kept breaking into the meat shed and eating everything.


Blogger Ice Fairy said...

had to do this word verification thing cos of spam...

2:55 AM  
Blogger mark said...

you're not coming back with a pet polar bear are you? xx Mark

4:14 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

That cuts spam out pretty good. I use it and have never had any, but my son who didn't use the verification was getting advertisements in his.

In my blog for tomorrow, the 23rd, I have a little blurb about your project, a link, and a picture from your blog. I hope some of my readers might visit you here.

I will take the picture off if you want me to, but if it's ok to leave it, thanks so much.

I have really liked reading about your adventures. Thank you so much.

4:16 AM  
Blogger slummy mummy said...

hi sweetie, it sounds like things are getting busy for you out there ... your pics are great and i can't wait to hear more. much love x x x

7:41 AM  

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