Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Heading back

I'm in Anchorage. Am so exhausted. Am going to chat to oil companies and local radio/papers tomorrow. It's sooo hot. Going to see Auntie and cousins in Canada for few days on Thursday. Back Monday 19th. Then will start working on film/exhibition... Wish me luck...

Monday, June 12, 2006


Sorry for the lack of writing. Hope no one was worried. I am leaving Barrow tomorrow and am finding that all a bit traumatic so I haven't been doing much climate change wise. Whaling has ended. It's been a very poor season with only 3 whales caught. Some people say that's because of changing climate but lots of people say it isn't too. There have been years where they didn't get any at all before. I went to talk to the North Slope Borough Mayor who says it's all very well co-operating with the scientists which he is all for but he feels no-one is really looking at the impact climate change is having on Inupiat culture. It's the Inuit Circumpolar Conference in a few weeks and they will come here from Russia and Greenland and other places to talk about climate change. And soon Barrow will have its blanket toss festival where everyone eats whale and they use a huge blanket to throw people up in the air like a trampoline. Everyone is looking forward to going bearded seal and walrus hunting now. Van says he pities me having to go back to London. They are all gearing up for lots of fun. Boooooo. I'll write more from Anchorage or wrap up and post more audio/links from London.